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GenoExpress LLC is a private company. Its major focus is on the new technology for the nucleic acid extraction from different biology scources. Most comercial available nucleic acid extraction kits have a problem with PCR inhibitors in the purified DNA, which cause false negative results on clinical diagnostic and forensic testing. The company developed new and cost-effective techniques to purify the nucleic acids from tissue, blood, serum and mammalian cells to minimize PCR inhibitors in the purified nucleic acid. GX products are your reliable and the best choice for nucleic acid preparation.

GenoExpress LLC also provides services to the customers which include genomic DNA purification, total RNA purification, Nucleic Acid (gDNA and RNA) co-purification, Plasmid DNA purification, and RNAi construction by cloning. The extensive experience of molecular biology make us to have an ability ro provide the best services to our customers.

GenoExpress LLC provides new technology, good quality of products and the best services to the customers worldwide. The satisfaction with GX products and our services from the customers is our goal.
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