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Genomic DNA Purification
Most comercially available genomic DNA extraction kits have a purity problem for the the extracted DNA. The PCR inhibitors in the extracted DNA often cause false negative results from blood, serum and mammalian cell lines. GenoExpress uses new technology for genomic DNA purification with high purity of the extracted DNA from the different biological sources.

Genomic DNA Purification from Mammalian Cells
  Genomic DNA Purification from the different volumes of blood, serum, and cell cultrue are provided in our services. The purified DNA can be directly used for the downstream applications such as sequencing, genotyping, PCR and Sourthern Blot. We also provide pathogens gemonic DNA purification from blood, serum and cell culture. The pathogen DNA from bacterial and yeast in blood, serum and cell culture will be co-purifed with host genomic DNA, which can be used for the pathogen screeening or detection in blood, serum or cell culture. The advantage of our new technology is the high purity of genomic DNA with minimize PCR inhibitors due to using one step of pellet procedure in the initial purification. The false negative results from pathogen DNA will be also minimized due to less PCR inhibitors and more concentrated pathogen DNA obtained by using the new technology. In addition, the cost for the purifcation of genomic DNA from large volume of blood, serum and cell cultrure are signicifcantly reduced by using the new technology.
The yield and purity from Purified genomic DNA:
 The ratio of A260/A280>1.8 with symetric peak at A260.
 >10-16ug/per ml blood
 > 14-20ug/ one cell culture (10mM dish)
Genomic DNA Purification from Mammalian Cell

We offer genomic DNA purification from 200ul -10ml of blood.

We offer genomic DNA purification from 200ul - 10ml of serum.

We offer genomic DNA purification from different scale of cell cultrue.

We also offer a genomic DNA purification from different tissues (Mouse tail or rat tail).

Pathogen Genomic DNA Purification from Blood and Serum
  We also offer pathogen genomic DNA purification from blood and serum by using the new technology with high purity and more concentrated pathogen genomic DNA in the final elute.
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