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RNA Purification
      RNA PurificationServices

GenoExpress use a new technology to provide Total RNA Purification Services from different biological materials such as blood, cell lines and tissues. The extracted total RNA can be directly used for the downstream applifications such as reverse transcriptase PCR, real time PCR, Northern Blot and RNase Protection assay. The purity and the integrity of extracted RNA is guarantee with ratio of A260/280 >1.8 and the intact 18 rRNA band visuliazed by electrophoresis. If you have a hundred samples needed to handle, GenoExpress can save your time by isolating high qualtity of RNA from the material of your interest. GenoExpress's Custom RNA Purification Service is now available to accelerate your research and give you the competitive edge you need.

The advantage of GenoExpress's RNA Purificaion Servies
  GenoExpress's new Technology simplifies and improves RNA purification. This allows 30-minute extraction and yields a high quality of total RNA. Whether you're screening hundreds or thousands of samples for your target gene expression, this technology offers many advantages:
 Genomic DNA in the final eluted RNA is minimized by using new technology
 The integrity of the purified RNA is guarantee by using the new techology
  Simple procedure with high yield
  High purity with ratio of A260/280> 1.8
Services Offer
  GenoExpress's RNA Purification Services provide Total RNA purification from the cell lines, blood and different tissues. The different purification scales (Mini, Midi, Giga) will be chosen depend on the volume of start materials provided by customers. We'll save your time for the nucleic acid preparation with guarantee of the integrity and purity of final eluted RNA to accelerate your research.

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      Mutagenesis Services

In vitro site-directed mutagenesis is a powerful research tool used to study protein function, identify enzyme active domains, and design novel proteins. All types of mutations including deletions, insertions, or substitutions can be introduced into your gene of interest by using our GenoExpress's Site-Directed Mutagenesis System. The DNA you want to mutate can be isolated from any source with no need for specialized vectors, host strains, or restriction sites.

GenoExpress can generate:
 All types of base substitutions, deletions, or insertions on DNA fragments
 Site-directed mutations with >88% mutagenesis efficiency
Your partner in discovery
  Each mutagenesis service is customized to fit specific scientific goals and our expert staff will work with you to design and execute your mutagenesis project. GenoExpress has many years of experience performing mutagenesis in a flexible environment with the quality and speed to meet your needs. Let us help you generate mutant proteins.
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