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Nucleic Acid Purification
Genoexpress employs new technology to co-purify both RNA and genomic DNA from same biology sample. One of advange of this Nucleic Acid Purification services is that both RNA and genomic DNA can be analyzed from the same limited start material. The second advantage is saving money to buy additional kit for the different anyalsis. In addition, the sensitity of the RT-PCR assay of the purified nucleic acid from microorganism are significantly increased comarped to the assay of RNA only or genomic DNA only. If, you need reliable, professional expertise combined with advanced technology, GenoExpress's Custom Services are uniquely positioned to help you accelerate your research in the current competitive environment. Our experts employ proprietary new technique to purify the nucleic acid that match your exact needs:

Nucleic Acid Purification Services
  Nucleic Acid Purification Services from GenoExpress offer reliable and cost effective way of isolating total RNA and genomic DNA from blood, cell cultrue, and tissues. The extracted nucleic acid can be directly used for different downsteam applifications such as RT-PCR, real time PCR, genotyping, Sourthern or Nothern Blot. The purity of the extracted nucleic acid is guarantee with the ratio of A260/A280 >1.8 and symetric peak at A260. Analyzing your gene of interest from the purified nucleic acidi offers several advantages such as more information and fast turnaround time at a low cost compared to other nucleic acid extraction systems.
Nuclei Acid Purification Advantages
 Save time for isolating genomic DNA and total RNA from different kits
 Increase sensitivity of microorganism detection
 Save money to buy different kits
 Simple Procedure with yield 8-32ug/ml blood
 High Purity A260/A280> 1.8
Services Offered
 Nucleic Acid Purification from whole blood
 Nucleic Acid Purification from mammalian cell culture
 Nucleic Acid Purification from bacterial or virus
 Nucleic Acid Purification from tissues (mouse or rat tails)
 Nucleic Acid Purification from plasma or serum
Nucleic Acid Purification from Yeast Services (coming soon)
Nucleic Acid Purification from Soil Services (coming soon)
Nuclei Acid Purification from Insect Services (coming soon)
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