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RNA Interference (RNAi) is a powerful tool used to effectively regulate gene expression and is critical in the drug discovery process. Knockdown of target genes with RNAi molecules can be used to facilitate the identification and validation of drug targets and to elucidate biochemical and cell signaling pathways. GenoExpress utilizes a special RNA interference technology to achieve robust knockdown and help you understand complex biological systems.

RNAi Services from GenoExpress offer
 Vector based RNAi technology used in GenoExpress
 Expression of double-stranded RNA molecules in the mammalian cells
 Fast, reliable results
 Quality mammalian RNAi expression vector used in GenoExpress
 Cloning Technology for RNAi construction.
Cloning Services
  If you're identifying, cloning, and expressing hundreds of genes, GenoExpress can save your time by inserting the gene of interest into your favorite vector. GenoExpress Custom Cloning Service is now available to accelerate your research and give you the competitive edge you need.
Mutagenesis Services
  In vitro site-directly mutagenesis is a powerful research tool used to study protein function, identify the enzyme active domain, and design a novel proteins. GenoExpress can introduce all types of mutations into your gene of interest, including deletions, insertions, or substitutions with >85% mutagenesis efficiency by using our Site-Directed Mutagenesis System. The DNA you want to mutate can be isolated from any source with no need for specialized vectors, host strains, or restriction sites.
Each mutagenesis service is customized to fit specific scientific goals, and our expert staff will work with you to design and execute your mutagenesis project. GenoExpress has many years of experience performing mutagenesis in a flexible environment with the quality and speed to meet your needs. Let us help you generate mutant proteins.
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