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Plasmid DNA Purification
GenoExpress provides Plasmid DNA Purification Services from E. coli by using the new technology. The purified plasmid DNA can be directely used for the downstream applifications such as cloning, sequencing, recombinent protein expression, cell transfection. The different purification scale (Mini, Midi or Maxi) will be chosen depend on the volume of start material provided by customers. The purity and integrity of purified plasmid DNA is guarantee by using the new technology.

Feature and advantage
Silica membrance based plasmid DNA purification
The high purity of the plasmid DNA with the ratio of A260/280>1.8
 Simple procedure with high yield
The purified plasmid DNA without any genomic DNA contamination

Our plasmid DNA purification experts will assist you during service to meet your specific needs. Whether you just need assistance in plasmid DNA preparations or you are looking for a more comprehensive service for the different downsream applifications, we have the capabilities to accelerate your research.

 PCR or Sub-Cloning
 Preparing RNA labeling probe by using in vitro transcription of the purifieded plasmid DNA
 Sequencing the insert of the purified plasmid DNA.
 Restriction Enzyme Digestion
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