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Isolation and purification of high quality nucleic acids are critical steps in molecular biology procedure. A number of methods have been reported for the isolation of single and double stranded RNA and DNA from bilogical fluids such as human blood, serum, cultured cells, as well as plants, animal and human tissues, and other specimens. Most of these procedure are time consuming, tedious, and costly. In addition a few number of method describe the co-purification of genomic DNA and RNA with a simple procedure. Co-purification of genomic DNA and RNA is especially usefull when both genotyping and mRNA expression information are required from the limited start material. Co-purificaion of genomic DNA and RNA also saves money to buy additional extraction kit for either genomic DNA or RNA.

GX Nucleic Acid Kit contains all compoent reagents needed to co-purify the genomic DNA and RNA from various sources including biological fluids, tissues, cells, etc. The start materials are firstly lysed in GN buffer which allows the membrances to release genomic DNA and RNA and inactive the RNAase and DNase in the cell lysis. Whole blood sample need to be lysed in the red cell lysis buffer followed by centrifugation to obtain white blood cell pellet, which is subsequently lysed in GN buffer. After addition of 50% ethanol in the cell lysis, the released genomic DNA and RNA are selectively adsorbed the silica membrance. After two times washing the membrane, all the non-specifically adsorbed components (such as proteins or PCR inhibitors) are eliminated. Finally the adsorbed genomic DNA and RNA are eluted by using nuclease-free water.

The new method simplifies the isolation of nucleic aids from various sources by eliminating the need for firstly purifying genomic DNA followed by isolation of RNA by adusting pH of cell lysis. The GX Nucleic Acid Kit produces high purity and integrity of nucleic acids (gDNA/RNA) immediately ready for further characterization and downstream processing such as Reverse Transcription (RT)-PCR, Real Time PCR, sequencing, Northern or Sourthern Blotting and genotyping procedures..

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