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GX Nucleic Acid Kit

GX Nucleic Acid Kit consists all components needed to co-purify genomic DNA and total RNA from tissue, blood and mammalian cell , and obtain the high quality of genomic DNA and total RNA recovery in a format of elution volume (50-200µL). Ready to use the eluted nucleic acid.

GX Total RNA Kit uses new technology to guarantee the integrity and the purity of the extracted nucleic acid. The purified nucleic acid can be directly used for different downstream applications : Northern blot, Southern blot, sequencing, genotyping, multiplex-PCR, Reverse transcriptase PCR, Real-Time PCR, RNase Protection assay, and microarray for mRNA profiling assay.

Catalog Product Decription Size Price Quantity  How to Order
C105-50 GX Nucleic Acid Kit 50 preps/Kit $140

C105-250 GX Nucleic Acid Kit 250 preps/Kit $680

Bulk quantities and custom optimizations available upon request.
 Easy to perform, very simple procedure to extract high pure nucleic acid in short period of time.
 Genomic DNA and total RNA can be co-purified from a single column with the ratio of A260/280 ≥1.8
 Easy automation: compatible with high-through genetic work-flow.
 Silica membrane column based purification, no organic reagents phenol or chloroform .
 Revere transcriptase PCR.
 Northern Blot and Southern Blot .
 Single PCR and multiplex PCR.
 Microarray for mRNA profiling assay.
 Sequencing and genotyping.
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