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GX PCR Clean-up Kit

GX PCR Clean-up Kit consists all components needed to purify the PCR products from PCR reaction or labeling reaction and obtain the high quality of PCR DNA fragment recovery in a format of elution volume (10-100µL). Ready to use the eluted PCR DNA.

GX PCR Clean-up Kit uses new technology to guarantee the integrity and the purity of the extracted PCR DNA. The purified PCR DNA can be directly used for different applications : Cloning, Sequencing, and probe labeling reaction.

Catalog Product Decription Size Price Quantity  How to Order
C107-50 GX PCR Clean-up Kit 50 preps/Kit

C107-250 GX PCR Clean-up Kit 250 preps/Kit

Bulk quantities and custom optimizations available upon request.
 Easy to perform, very simple procedure to extract DNA (70bp-10kb) in 3 steps.
 Up to 95% recovery in the elution volume ≥ 10µL.
 No isopropanol precipitation step for PCR purification, Effective removal of primers.
 Easy automation: compatible with high-through genetic work-flow.
 Probe labeling
 Restriction enzyme digestion
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